Game of Life

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A board Game inspired by the Game of Life and the series Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a Netflix original anthology series created by Charlie

Brooker. This series is based on dark and satirical themes that examine

modern society, particularly in regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technology. At a glance, we can see how dark the world will be with the ever-growing evolution of technology through the Black Mirror. When we look even closer, we can see how the Black Mirror puts each protagonist in a fix. There an invisible choice in front of them. They take seemingly good decisions that eventually turn bad.

Black Mirror talks about the value distinction about the lifestyle

choices with no evidence that any real harm is being done.

Similarly in Life, everything in front of us is a choice, our whole life is based on choices. Life doesn’t just happen. Instead, our lives are denied by the choices we make. Some of these choices are ours, and some choices are made by other people, and we just accept those decisions and follow along. You, or someone around you, chooses what the next thought, the next comment, or activity will be. Whether you elect to let someone make these choices for you – or you make the choices yourself – you develop as an individual according to the choices that guide or influence your life.

This is what the Game is based on. Game of taking the decision to create your own meaning and happy life.

About the Game

The game is a choice and decision-making game.

It is important to think about the future of this

game. Treat the game like your life. Treat it like

something that is happening in real life and

face it. Take the situation in front of you

seriously. Take those decisions and survive being

the happiest in this Game in Real Life.

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