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UX | UI 

My experience working in Fintech as a Lead UX Designer


Roles and Responsibilites

User Research: Literature Review, Competitive Analysis, User Interviews

UX Design: Iterations of low & high fidelity wireframes

Stakeholder and Customer calls to understand requirements and communicating to the team.

Project Context

Lead UX Designer, Infosys Wongdoody
Team : 3 UX Designers

Time : April 2021 - July 2022 
Project : Finacle Digital Banker

Tools Used





Finacle Mobile Teller transforms branch banking, enhancing customer engagement, service speed, and revenue. It streamlines operations for Tellers, Relationship Managers, and Agents, offering intuitive navigation and consistent information. This tablet-based solution enables Tellers to perform various transactions from anywhere, promoting accessibility and personalized experiences. Relationship Managers gain analytical insights for tailored product recommendations and cash transactions. Branches can adopt a café lounge design, eliminating traditional queues, creating an enjoyable banking experience for customers.

Agile Design Thinking Process

I actively practiced design thinking as a potent, human-centered approach to driving innovation. Drawing from the designer's toolkit, I integrated people's needs, technological possibilities, and business requirements to nurture creative solutions. In my work, I seamlessly integrated the agile development mindset with design thinking, enabling an iterative build and launch of innovations at different scales according to project requirements. This approach ensured a dynamic and effective process that consistently aligned with the evolving needs of users and the goals of the business.

My primary focus is on designing financial products, leading UX and UI efforts across key aspects of our platform. Over the past year, I've accomplished noteworthy milestones:

  • Implemented a Structured Design Process: Introduced a well-defined design process, providing clarity to our work and improving visibility across our agile sprints, specifically tailored to the development of Finacle Teller Banking experience.

  • Enhanced Usability for Financial Products: Conducted usability tests for Finacle, filling a gap that existed before my tenure. Actively engaged in UX research, ensuring a user-centric approach to our financial product projects.

  • Helped form the Finacle Design System: Small part of the award winning design system team, tailored to Finacle products, offering guidelines for Engineering and Product teams, fostering better collaboration and understanding in the context of our financial offerings.

My work

Learning as a UX Designer

This experience provided me with a profound understanding of embracing ambiguity and navigating uncertainties. I have honed my ability to pose insightful questions, recognizing the importance of clarity and precision in problem-solving. Moreover, the exposure to shipping products at scale has been instrumental in developing my project management and execution skills, contributing to a deeper comprehension of the intricacies involved in delivering impactful results. This opportunity has not only broadened my knowledge but has also instilled in me a keen awareness of how to identify and create meaningful impact in a professional setting.

Developing Soft skills

I had the privilege of hosting two award ceremonies at Infosys, providing me with a valuable opportunity to further develop and refine my soft skills. This experience not only allowed me to strengthen my public speaking and presentation abilities but also honed my interpersonal skills, adaptability, and ability to engage effectively with diverse audiences. It was a valuable learning experience that contributed significantly to my overall professional growth.

Accomplishments outside of work

My primary accomplishment was leveraging the acclaimed Finacle Design System to craft innovative solutions for challenges presented by product owners. This not only demonstrated the effective application of industry-leading design elements but also showcased the practical impact of our work in addressing real-world issues. In addition to my core responsibilities, I took charge of managing the Employee Engagement initiative, fostering a positive work environment, and overseeing recruitment processes for the UX team, contributing to the overall growth and cohesion of our team.

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